Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015

Daisy Hill Handiworks, llc
517 West First Street~Saint Charles, MN  55972
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Prices for 1/4" Peg Looms
1/4" pegs are made from black plastic.  They are $1.65 for regular length and $1.80 for 6" pegs.  Typical spacing would be 1/2" on center, meaning there is 1/4" space between the pegs.

Prices for 5/16" Peg Looms
5/16" pegs are made from black plastic.  They are $1.70 for regular length and $1.85 for 6" pegs.  Typical spacing would be 5/8" on center, meaning there is 5/16" space between the pegs.

Other Loom Options
I can make any size loom with any size spacing. The closer your pegs are, the tighter the weave.  Other spacing options would be 3/4' or 7/8" if you have fiber that is super thick.
The plastic pegs are very durable, easy to thread and do not swell in higher humidity like wooden pegs can.

* Peg looms can be made with 2 rows of pegs for more weaving options.  The second row can be for the 5/16' pegs or you can use the 1/4" pegs for the optional spacing.  The second row of holes will cost .50 each.

* Pegs can be made of white plastic if requested.

* Custom painting of the base can be done for an additional cost, usually $5 - $10, depending on the size loom.

* Peg loom stands are available for $10.  Clamping ends can be added to the loom for an additional $4.

* Weaving sticks are available for $12.  They come with a stand.

* The price of the loom includes a Danish oil or polyurethane finish.

* Directions are included, and if you have questions, I am only a phone call away.

Buyer is responsible for tax and shipping.  Shipping is only what it costs to mail it to you.

It's so easy, anyone can do it.  Let me make a loom for you!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Two row looms are now available.  Pick your size pegs and spacing. 
 1/4" pegs are $1.65 for regular length or $1.80 for 6" pegs. 
 5/16" pegs are $1.70 for regular length or $1.85 for 6" pegs.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Weaving sticks available.

Weaving sticks are now available for $12.   
You can make scarves, belts, purse straps or even rugs. 
They come with a stand and can be used just like a peg loom.
They are 1/4" pegs and 6 inches long. If you would like them
made from 5/16 in pegs, that is also possible. 
White plastic pegs are available if desired.

This rug was made using two sticks and sewn together like
a braided rug would be.  I used and old flannel sheet.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Horse Blanket

Here is the picture of  a blanket with a horse on it for my granddaughter.  She loves horses, and at the age of 7 is quite the rider.  She asked for a blanket with a horse on it for Christmas, so Grandma did it.  Of course, like everything else in my life, it was kind of down to the last minute, working until all hours of the night.  It was done on time, but not without a few problems.

My control foot on my sewing machine kept sticking, and that is not a good thing when doing applique work.  The other thing that I should have done was draw the whole thing out before I started.  But then it wouldn't have been a challenge, and I love a good challenge.  She was very pleased, and so was I.  The mane and tail swing freely.  It was a labor of love.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My friend is to blame for all of this craziness!

I have a friend who is quiet, calm but full of trouble. You see, we are complete opposites
as far as first impressions go. I am loud and a bit crazy. Ann is quiet and reserved.
But under her quiet exterior, there is a crazy lady, just lying in the weeds. Between the two
of us, we can come up with some pretty crazy ideas.

The whole peg loom idea came from her. Ann had seen one, then made one
for herself. She is quite resourceful. It was made from a old piece of wood and some
old chair rails that she got at an auction. Her handyman tools are limited and with some determination, she got it done. It turned out great. But me, just being me, thought I would
like to make one too.

So this new adventure of making peg looms has blossomed into my own business. I am
fortunate to be married to a man that has a lot of woodworking tools. I can make more
than just peg looms, so if there is something special that you need, between him and me,
we can make just about anything.

Ann and I have taken the time to improve the product to where it is affordable and easy to use.
Ann sells beautifully hand dyed fiber, roving and yarns.  She has some of the most beautiful
yarns that I have ever seen.  Her business name is Maple Corners if you want to take a look
at all of the wonderful things she does.

I will be posting some of the things that I make soon. Heck, just figuring out this blog thing is
a big jump for me. So I will keep you posted......

Lynette Richter